Liposomal prednisolone for acute manifestations of inflammatory diseases. Enceladus performed a first-in–man study in 22 RA patients. On the basis of these results the product was partnered for RA with a global pharmaceutical company and a phase 2b study is in preparation.

We have an ongoing 20-patient trial in active ulcerative colitis. The completion of the study is foreseen in the beginning of 2014. After completion of the study we will initiate partnering discussions for this indication.


Liposomal dexamethasone for castration resistant prostate carcinoma and metastasized multiple myeloma. Preclinical studies have show that silencing inflammatory processes in and around tumors by liposomal targeting of corticosteroids can be a new, promising strategy to slow down tumor growth and tumor spread through the body. Oncocort is in preclinical development and we will start a first clinical trial by the end of 2014.


Liposomal corticosteroid for severe skin/eye/mucosal tissue inflammation diseases with a systemic component. Innovicort is designed to be the most potent liposomal corticosteroid product as well as the one with the highest topical versus systemic activity and thus will incorporate a topical high-clearance corticosteroid.