Enceladus is a drug development company, which started as a spin-off from Utrecht University, The Netherlands. Enceladus is product-oriented and aims at finding innovative combinations of existing drugs and drug carrier systems. With this approach it can effectively design new pharmaceuticals for which clinical development is relatively straightforward.

Enceladus is embedded in an extensive academic network with strong expertise in colloidal drug carriers for the design of novel anti-inflammatory products.

Enceladus operates in the fields of inflammation, autoimmune diseases and cancer, which are chronic, progressive, and debilitating, if not deadly diseases. Despite considerable progress in the treatment of these diseases, there remains a large need for further improvement

Enceladus primary focus is on the preclinical and early clinical development of its products. The company seeks interaction with larger pharmaceutical companies for late stage development and marketing.

Enceladus has recently obtained funding enabling it to successfully complete several clinical phase IIa studies in different indications.